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We do not appoint individuals to write through the Facility because we are not an insurance company. However, Chapter 12 of the Michigan Insurance Code permits licensed agents who are appointed by an insurance company writing auto casualty insurance in Michigan to submit applications to the Facility for placement and receive commissions.

New ProducersBefore we can send the agent the necessary forms to place business through the Facility, the agency database form must be completed and submitted. After we verify the information for newly appointed licensed agents (not solicitors), we will mail a starter kit.

Individuals placing business through the Facility are recognized as producers of record. Facility applications state that the producer of record is not acting on behalf of the Facility or any insurance company, but is acting on behalf of the applicant.

Please note that producers may only submit applications for those casualty lines that his or her voluntary carrier(s) has appointed him or her to write. If a producer does not have a voluntary carrier or the producer's license has been suspended or revoked, then he or she is not authorized to place business through the Facility and is not entitled to receive commissions.

Agencies that submit business to the Facility using a federal identification number must make certain that any producer who signs any of the Facility forms as the producer of record is licensed and authorized. The federal identification number for the agency should appear in the Tax ID box and the license system ID number should appear next to the licensed producer's name on the back of the application.

Once the Facility receives the application from the producer of record, the Facility forwards it to the servicing carrier. The servicing carrier then issues the policy using Facility rules and rates, handles premium billings, makes policy changes, and handles claims. 

File Check.  You can now do a file check on-line.  If you do not see any  of your records, make sure you have put in the correct date range. If you need assistance, please allow at least five working days for mailing and processing before you call. When you do call, please press 1 and tell our staff that you are calling for a file check.

Other questions concerning a JUA policy should be made to the servicing carrier that issued the policy. For the address and phone numbers of the servicing carrier's claims and underwriting offices, just click on the name of the servicing carrier.

Servicing Carriers.  Other questions concerning a JUA policy should be made to the servicing carrier that issued the policy.

Supplies.  The forms listed below are available to licensed producers via UPS.  However, log in now to download applications.  Better yet, log in to use EASi or CARS, our online rating applications. 

  • MAIPF-01(Rev. 01/04) - Temporary Certificate of No-Fault Insurance (available only in paper)
  • MAIPF-03(Rev. 9/02a) - PPNF Application
  • MAIPF-04(Rev. 6/04) - Commercial Application
  • ACORD 139MI (2001/09) - ACORD Supplement to the MAIPF-04
  • MAIPF-05(Rev. 6/99) - Vehicle Inspection Form for Taxicabs
  • MAIPF-36(Rev. 3/05) - Policy Change Request Form
  • MAIPF-40(Rev. 6/99) - Vehicle Inspection Form for PP
  • MAIPF-60(Rev. 4/96) - Declaration of Intention to Reside
  • MAIPF-124 - HEAT Brochure

We will UPS forms based on the number of forms since the preceding order.  If you have not submitted any applications since the preceding order, no forms will be sent. Options to order Facility forms and supplies:

  • Order online
  • E-mail us -- be sure to include your name or agency name AND your Producer System ID
  • Call the Facility office at 734.464.1100, press 1
  • Write to us at MAIPF, P.O. Box 532318, Livonia, MI 48153-2318

If you have any questions or if your supply package is NOT delivered within seven business days, contact the Mail Department at 734.464.1100 extension 228 or e-mail us.