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JUA Departments & Reporting Claims

Private Passenger Commercial
Auto Club Insurance Association Amerisure Mutual Insurance Co.
Auto-Owners Insurance Company
Citizens Insurance Company of America
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co.

Once we receive the application, we forward it to the servicing carrier, who will then issue and service the policy. Please note that the Facility does not have policy numbers, billing information, or claim files. To discuss a JUA policy, please call the servicing carrier that issued the policy.  Listed below are the patterns for JUA policy numbers:

  • Auto Club: Policy numbers begin with "8" and have a total of seven digits with suffixes of 61 and 62; e.g.for example, 8xxxxxx-61 or 8xxxxxx-62.
  • Auto-Owners: Policy numbers have a total of 10 digits; e.g.for example, (xx-xxx-xxx-xx).
  • Citizens: Policy numbers begin with "APP0" and have a total of 10 digits; e.g.for example, APP0xxxxxx.  NOTE:  The format will change mid 2007.
  • State Farm: Policy numbers have 7 digits (beginning with "J" or "0"), plus effective date plus state code; e.g.for example, J46 1234-C12-22 and/or O46 1234-C12-22; policy # - March 12 (C12) - Michigan (22)
  • Amerisure: Policy numbers begin with "CA" followed by 7 digits.

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