Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I mail applications?
A. MAIPF - P.O. Box 532318- Livonia, MI 48153-2318

Be sure to forward applications to the Facility no later than the next working day, keep one copy for your records!

For overnight delivery, please log in or call us at 734-464-1100 for our location address.

Q. How do I order Facility forms and Supplies?
A. You can download most forms on Site for Registered Producers.  The link to order Termporary Certificates of No-Fault Insurance (MAIPF-01) and HEAT Brochures (MAIPF-24) is located on this same web page.
Q. How do I get appointed to write through MAIPF?
Q. What are the Facility's address and business hours?
A. Please log in or call us at 734-464-1100 for our location address.
      Tel: (734) 464-1100; Fax: (734) 464-0009
      8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Q. Where do I get my producer license System ID number?
A. Your System ID number is the seven digit number on your producer's license.
Q. How do I submit a non-owner risk to the Facility?
A. First determine whether the applicant needs employers non-ownership liability coverage OR drive other car coverage.

Employers non-ownership liability applies to a business seeking coverage when an employee operates his or her own vehicle while conducting business on behalf of the employer.  The applicant will always be the name of a business.  BI and PD are the only coverages available.  Often written in combination with hired car coverage.  Use CARS to rate the commercial exposure.

Drive other car coverage applies to an individual seeking coverage while operating non-owned vehicles.  The applicant will always be an individual.  Often (but not always) requires a financial responsibility filing.  Mandatory coverages apply, UM and MLPD (minitort) are available.  Comprehensive or collision coverages ARE NOT available.  Use EASi to rate the private passenger exposure.

Q. Does the Facility offer motorcycle insurance?
A. No, the Facility does not offer motorcycle insurance.  Check out for carriers who write this coverage.
Q. Where can I get coverage for excess, surplus or specialty lines?
A. Check out for carriers who write these coverages.
Q. What should I do if I am retiring and want to transfer my book of business to another producer? How will commissions be paid on transferred business?
A. Retiring producers need to advise (in writing) all servicing carriers with which they have placements that they are retiring.  The letter should include the name, license System ID number or federal TID# of the new producer, along with the signatures of both the retiring producer and the new producer.  In addition, please send a copy of this letter to our office.  The servicing carriers will pay commissions to the new producer once they receive notification of a change of producer.
Q. Can the Facility write someone with an out-of-state or international driver's license?
A. Yes.  According to the Facility Users' Manual, the Facility is available to "persons who (a) own a motor vehicle registered or to be registered in the State, or (b) have a valid driver's license, or (c) are eligible for the restoration of their Michigan driver's license upon the filing of proof of financial responsibility" (Section I.1.A.).  Servicing carriers may request a copy of these licenses for their underwriting files.
Q. How does the Facility monitor late applications during the holidays?
A. Example: The Post Office closes on Christmas and New Year's Day.  The Facility allows an extra day for each day the Post Office is closed.  During the time our office is closed, hand carried applications will be acceptable no later than 72 hours after the application is written.
Q. May I use outdated forms?
A. Producers should use only current forms when handling Facility business.  Please destroy your old forms.  Most forms can be  downloaded.  To reorder forms that cannot be downloaded, contact us by mail, phone, fax, or place your order now (select ORDER SUPPLIES on the Site for Registered Producers).
Q. What are the steps for determining the physical damage base rates for commercial trucks, tractors and trailers?
A. All commercial auto risk types can be quoted and issued in either CARS or MARS. We are in the process of gradually moving risk types into MARS. Any risk types not yet available in MARS can be rated in CARS. Please see the Producer Tools page for links to our rating tools (login required). 
Q. What is my commission?
A. Commission is 10% of the policy premium for risks other than long haul trucking and public passenger carrying vehicles other than school buses.  For these exceptions, the commission is 5% of the policy premium.  Commission is paid based on premiums collected.  If the policy has a mixture of risks (for example, private passenger types and taxicabs), the commission is 5% of the policy premium.
Q. Will Level 1 drivers be added to the policy as operators?
A. Yes.  Effective March 1, 2002, drivers with any type of instructional permit will be added as an operator in the household.  This includes all drivers with a Level 1 license, commonly known as a learner's permit.
Q. Does the Facility accept credit card payments with an application?
A. No.  We do not accept credit card payments at this time.
Q. Will the MAIPF auto policy automatically renew?
A. Yes, all MAIPF policies automatically renew. If a policy is rewritten with a different company, a cancellation request using the MAIPF 36 Policy Change Form needs to be sent to the Servicing Carrier assigned to that policy. It is important to send the cancellation request at the time the policy is rewritten to avoid a non-pay cancellation and potential earned premium on the renewal policy.