How Do I Get Insurance?

The Facility is an organization designed to provide auto insurance to any qualified person who is unable to obtain insurance in the voluntary market. Buying coverage through the Facility should be the last resort.  Most people can obtain coverage through insurance companies in the voluntary market. Rates vary from one company to another, so it is a good idea to shop around. If you are refused insurance or charged a high rate, check with other companies or try several agents. Be sure you are comparing the same limits of insurance and the general coverages.

However, if you are turned down for coverage in the voluntary market, you may apply for coverage in the Facility through any licensed Michigan agent who is appointed by an insurance company writing auto casualty insurance in Michigan. Check the Yellow Pages under Insurance to find an agent in your area or the Insurance Agent Database at DIFS. 

For more information about insurance in the regular market, see A Consumer's Guide to No-Fault Automobile Insurance in Michigan in the Michigan Insurance Division's web site. For the Insurance Division's publication about the MAIPF, see Insurance Counselor.

Once you have found an agent, you may request which servicing carrier you want to issue and service your policy. Please keep in mind that we try to make assignments according to your preference whenever possible. However, we must abide by the contractual agreements made with our servicing carriers.

The Facility recognizes the insurance agent that submits your application as a producer of record. Please be aware that the producer of record is not acting on behalf of the Facility or any insurance company, but is acting on your behalf.

After we receive your application from your producer of record, we then forward it to the servicing carrier. The servicing carrier will issue the policy using Facility rules and rates, handle premium billings, make mid-term endorsements, and handle claims. 

For further information about the availability of automobile insurance in Michigan, refer to the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services web site at

Insurance Agent Database Available Online

Insurance agent and agency information is searchable by zip code or city through the DIFS website.  Consumers can verify that an insurance agent is licensed, review which insurance companies the agent is appointed to sell insurance for, and confirm what type of insurance the agent is licensed to sell. All of this information is also accessible by calling DIFS toll free at 877-999-6442. 

This web-based searchable database, which is updated on a daily basis, also provides important information for insurance agents and companies. Verification of current license status, appointment, and continuing education information is immediately accessible to the insurance industry.