Membership Participation (MP Reports)

AIPSO notifies member companies (the last week of the quarter for the prior quarter) that quarterly Participation Reports are available to view and download here.  Using the link below, companies can quickly calculate their estimated assessment shares. Please note that this is an estimate only -- MAIPF will calculate your actual shares at the end of the fiscal year (September 30) and will send you an invoice the last week in December.

Users of the Assessment Calculator Tool: For the 2020 MAIPF Assessment, the Administrative Expenses line includes the administrative expenses for the Facility for fiscal year 2020 as well as a prospective assessment. The Facility administrative expenses figure for fiscal year 2020 is $2,651,126. The prospective assessment is in the amount of $4,953,840. The prospective assessment represents expected costs to establish funds to reimburse MAIPF servicing carriers for defense and cost containment expenses in the servicing of MAIPF policy claims. The advance assessment is intended to provide adequate cash flow for the operations of the MAIPF until the subsequent assessment. After this transitional year, this figure will be assessed based on a true up of actual costs vs. our estimate, which is similar to the manner by which other funds held by MAIPF are handled.


MP Reports
Fiscal Year

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2021 FTE 9.30.21 QE 6.30.21 QE 3.31.21 QE 12.31.20
2020 FTE 9.30.20 QE 6.30.20 QE 3.31.20 QE 12.31.19
2019 FTE 9.30.19 QE 6.30.19 QE 3.31.19 QE 12.31.18
2018 FTE 9.30.18 QE 6.30.18 QE 3.31.18 QE 12.31.17
2017 FTE 9.30.17 QE 6.30.17 QE 3.31.17 QE 12.31.16
2016 FTE 9.30.16 QE 6.30.16 QE 3.31.16 QE 12.31.15
2015 FTE 9.30.15 QE 6.30.15 QE 3.31.15 QE 12.31.14
2014 FTE 9.30.14 QE 6.30.14 QE 3.31.14 QE 12.31.13