Once the Facility forwards the application to the servicing carrier, the servicing carrier issues the policy using Facility rules and rates, handles premium billings, makes policy changes, and handles claims. The Facility only maintains basic applicant information and the name of the servicing carrier to which we assigned the application. Please note that the Facility does not have policy numbers, billing information, or claim files.

The applicant or insured should direct questions concerning a JUA policy to his or her producer of record or to the servicing carrier that issued the policy. The producer and/or the servicing carrier can provide the following information:

  • The policy number
  • How to file a claim and/or claim information
  • Payment information
  • Billing information and/or questions
  • Cancellation information

Servicing Carrier Information 

Consumer Alert!
MAIPF offers the following deferred payment plan:

  • A 40% deposit is due with the application or renewal. If the proper amount of payment is received, you will be eligible for the following payment plan:
  • The first payment of 20% is due 60 days after the effective date of coverage plus a $6.00 service fee,
  • The second payment of 20% is due 90 days after the effective date of coverage plus a $6.00 service fee,
  • The third payment of 20% is due 120 days after the effective date of coverage plus a $6.00 service fee.

EXAMPLE:  If a policy renews July 1 and the 6-month premium is $1,000, the payments would be as follows:

  • Deposit       $400 due July 1
  • Payment #1 $206 due September 1
  • Payment #2 $206 due October 1
  • Payment #3 $206 due November1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply for insurance?
A. Since we do not have any agents in our office, individuals who want to apply for insurance need to contact an insurance agent.  Please see How Do I Get Insurance?
Q. Who do I call to inquire about my policy or to file a claim?
A. Please call the servicing carrier.  See the Servicing Carrier Name and Address Directory.
Q. Does the Facility offer Road Service coverage?
A. MAIPF does not offer road service coverage. You are never required to purchase seperate road service coverage or any other seperate product in order to obtain a policy through the MAIPF.